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Tangled Laces Magazine is a queer quarterly publication for writers between the ages of 14-18 currently looking for submissions for our first ever issue! We’re looking for poetry, fiction, and visual art of any variety. Submit your pieces to with a brief (100 words or less), third-person bio that says whatever you want people to know about you. Include the word “FICTION,” “POETRY,” or “VISUAL ART” in the subject, depending on what you’re submitting. Note your name if it’s different from the name in your email address, or if you would like us to publish you under a pen name. You may submit in more than one category as long as you send us a separate email for each category so it’ll be easier to sort through. Simultaneous submissions are completely fine, but please email us and let us know if your work is accepted elsewhere—we want to congratulate you! While this is a queer journal, your work does not have to be about queerness. We only ask that you identify as queer in some way. If you’re worried about if you’re “queer enough,” don’t be. You are. 

Poetry: Submit up to 6 poems in one document in an easy-to-read 12-point font. Submit as a doc, docx, or pdf file. Experimental forms welcome. Prose poetry welcome. If you’re not sure if your piece is flash fiction or prose poetry, submit it to whichever category you want. You may also submit an audio file, if you think your poetry is best heard out loud, although you must include a written transcript with the audio. 

Fiction: Submit up to 3,500 words in one document in an easy-to-read 12-point font. Submit as a doc, docx, or pdf file. There is no minimum word count—if you can wow us with a 50 word story, we want to read it! Genre fiction (sci-fi, horror, fantasy, etc.) is welcomed and encouraged along with literary fiction. 

Visual Art: Submit up to three pieces of visual art of any variety. 

If you have any questions regarding the submission process or anything else, don’t hesitate to reach out; we’re here to help!

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