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Tangled Laces Magazine is a queer journal for writers between the ages of 14 and 18. We believe in actively seeking underrepresented voices, and we recognize that there are many intersections of identity. We are committed to publishing the work of BIPOC, disabled people, and neurodivergent people. 

Tangled Laces is a TERF-free zone: all aspects of queer identity are welcome, and there is no such thing as “not queer enough.” If you are questioning, you are also welcome to send us your work. We are thrilled to be a space in which you might be able to discover various aspects of your identity. Additionally, art that is racist, ableist, antisemetic, xenophobic, homophobic, or transphobic will be discarded without further consideration. While we welcome works that address these issues, there is a difference between creating art that productively works through our experiences with discrimination and bigotry versus including it for shock value without critical thought. 

Tangled Laces is staffed by volunteers, and we cannot currently offer pay for your work.  However, we recognize the importance of paying artists for their work, and are working towards being able to pay our contributors. 

Young writers deserve to have a space for their work. Your art matters, and you matter. We are so excited to see what you’ve created. 

-Wylde and Sam

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